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April 2016 Report

PSR President Report to the Members
Carl Heimberger, President
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April 2016 Report

Postby bwsevier » Sat May 28, 2016 10:02 am

At the Mid Year Board of Directors Meeting held in Temecula this past April, items were discussed that will change how the PSR is run in the future. First was a follow up from the Board Meeting in September 2015, where the Board decided to stop the publication and mailing of the paper regional newsletter “The Dispatch”. The reasons for this are lack of articles being submitted and the printing and mailing costs. So for members it is important that you no longer pay the subscription fee when you renew your membership. The paper “Dispatch” will now be an electronic “Dispatch” that will be published bi-monthly starting with this issue. Future issues will be published on the 15th of July, September and November, so it is critical if you wish to have information in these publications that you send that information to Ben Sever by the first of the publication month.
There is also a special task force headed by Gary Robinson who is developing a new strategic/business plan for the region. This group will look at how we distribute regional funds, the organizational structure, and other aspects of the PSR. The hope is to have a preliminary report at the September Board of Directors Meeting.
2016 is also the year that the PSR elects a new President and Vice President. To date only one member for each position has expressed an interest in running, and where it is appreciated that they are stepping up to the plate both these member have been on the Board of Directors for numerous years and it would be good for the continued health of the PSR/NMRA if some new members started taking on some of the leadership positions. It would be great to actually have an election that has more than one candidate. So you members who have been just enjoying the events put on by your division and region, here is your opportunity to help make a difference. I have been on the PSR Board for 11 years and it has been very enjoyable and I have met a lot of new friends, but for me it is time to move on to new challenges and let new members take over duties on the Board.
Finally in just four months will be the PSR/NMRA Regional Convention “L.A. Junction” which will be held in Culver City at the Double Tree Hotel on September 21st -25th, 2016. The Los Angeles Division has been planning this convention for the past 18 months and there are 3 great prototype tours, over 70 hours of clinics, 26 home and club layouts to visit, on Wednesday night a BBQ reception at Ron Varnell’s layout in Torrance hosted by Fred Hill – “The Original Whistle Stop” and the LA Division of the PSR. And of course there will be the traditional Hobo Auction/General Membership meeting, non-rail clinics, Hobo breakfast, a swap meet on Saturday, and a special Saturday event designed for beginning modelers and families with hands on clinics. The convention will also have the Saturday night Awards Banquet, and as a special extra fare event a Sunday brunch at the Magic Castle (attendance to this event is very limited so sign up early). For more information and on line registration visit the convention web site at

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