Member Of The Year awards

PSR issues annual awards to members who have shown outstanding service to the Region or the Divisions.

President's Award is sponsored by PSR and shall be given annually for outstanding service to PSR. The Division Members of the Year awards are sponsored by the PSR and are awarded annually to a person or persons from each Division for outstanding service.

Finally there is an NMRA President's award. Each Division nominates one recipient to the PSR President. The President selects one of these and sends this to the NMRA president.

The Trustee Award is no longer awarded.

Year Trustee PSR Pres. Arizona Cajon Los Angeles San Diego NMRA Pres.
1982           Chester Clup Chester Clup
1983     Donald Stewart   Carl Weaver    
1984   LeRoy Thompson Robert Sherlock John Hachey Bruce Metcalf    
1985   Hank Graham Lowell Spooner Vic Prior Elie Amiel Robert Schimmel  Robert Schimmel
1986   Elie Amiel Dottie Finch Ralph DuBois Gale & Pat Irwin    
1987   Bill Carvin LeRoy Thompson Rick Colbert Charles Hepperle  Robert Schimmel  Robert Schimmel
1988   Robert Sherlock Roger von Seeburg Olyn Glover John Bowles Ken Little Ken Little
1989   Lovell Spooner Jim Gardner Cliff Edlurd Bill & Winnifred Hoadley Ralph Oxhandler  Ralph Oxhandler
1990   Roger von Seeburg Arliss Powell Al Soule Mary Barstow Rick Coleman Rick Coleman
1991   Will Seaver Larry Manny Curtis Roos Wayne Hallowell Mike Stewart Mike Stewart
1992   Curtis Roos Elmer Laws Marie Lee Betty Graebner Henry Mills Henry Mills
1993   Karl Busch Elie Amiel Ed Hall Will Seaver John Sigurdson Jon Sigurdson
1994   John Sigurdson Richard Dick Tom van Wormer Lindsay Smith Rodger Gredvig Rodger Gredvig
1995   Harold Graebner Sally Stewart & Evelyn Amiel Roger Clarke Eric Michaelson Chuck Hart Chuck Hart
1996 Bill & Irene Mergard Dottie Finch Allen Ggross Richard Hutchins Ken Wilson Tom Mohr Tom Mohr
1997 Lowell Spooner Tom Draper Duane Buck Bobby Rivas Eric Michaelson Ed Hatch Ed Hatch
1998 Elie Amiel Dorr Alitzer Ken Rhoads Frank Burke John & Phillis Smith Robert Schimmel Robert Schimmel
1999 Tom Draper Richard Dick Gary Stilts Jim Kociemski Paul Cutter Marie Munoz  
2000 Bob Chaparro Ken Allen Matt Furze Jan Wescott Harold Graebner Rodger Gredvig  
2001 Ed Hall Dottie Finch Howard Prunty Ron & Dee Tucker Ron Ustach Frank Tepedino  
2002 Dorr Altizer Jan Wescott Roger von Seeburg Bill & Jane Jacobs Bob deMoss Sam Dale  
2003 Debbie Draper Dick Greatorex Richard Dick Charles Nauman Dave Cox Ben Sevier  
2004 Duane Buck Harold Graebner Alan Barnes Robert Wescott John Oliver Dave Blaser  
2005   Don Stewart Rick Wheeler Carl Heimberger Bruce Hanrehan Don Fowler  
2006   Janet Spooner  Rick Wheeler Bob Mitchell Sandy Friedfeld Robert Moore  
2007   Duane Buck Jack Debolt Jeff Dimsdale Bill & Irene Mergard George Boggs  
2008   Mary Barstow Roger von Seeburg Dale A. Tripp Charlie Hepperle Gary Robinson  
2009   Bob Mitchell Richard Dick Charlie Abott Mary Barstow Gordon Miller  
2010     Kevin Loof Rick Fulkerson Michael O'Brien  Ray Inbody  
2011    Ben Sevier Richard Dick Lawrence Dewsnup Michael Allen  Don Ham  
2012    Bill Jacobs Frank Baker Per Harwe Pat & Mona Raymer Bruce Deck  
2013   Carl Heimberger Jim Tuck Harold Whitley Andy Jackson Pete Steinmetz  
2014   Dave Irick Charles Hammond Gary Butts Carl Heimberger Ben Sevier  
2015   Don Fowler Lee Stoermer Dennis Ivison James Keena Don Fowler  
2016   Gary Robinson Tom Draper Annette Palmer Scott Sackett Ryan DiFede  
2017   Gary Butts Jesse Poole Morrie Fleishman Tim Johnson Kirk Treanor  
2018   James Keena Marshall Wales Jeff Hermann Mona Raymer Byron Densford Pat & Mona Raymer
2019         Dennis Ivison Lenny Smith Joel Morse Vic Cavalli Trudy Seeley Don Vest
2020   Pete Steinmetz Jesse Poole Dan Moran Kevin Spady Rudy Spano Don Fowler
2021   Dan Moran Richard Petrina Carl Heimberger Nick Lisica Mike Hampson Ryan DiFede

Note: The 2020 awards were given out at the 2021 convention.



Per Harwe
Historian PSR-NMRA

Updated 09/29/2021