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San Diego Division Zoom Summer Meet
Saturday, August 08, 2020, 01:00pm - 02:30pm

The Summer Meet will include Show & Tell, a Layout Tour, and a Clinic.

  • Show & Tell (30 minutes: 3-5 minutes for each person): The Show & Tell portion will be presented by five members of the San Diego Division (or possibly people from other NMRA Divisions), each sharing a three- to five-minute presentation showing a model railroading technique or model railroad project. 
  • Layout Tour (30 minutes): The Layout Tour will be presented by Rodger Gredvig, Model Master Railroader, from the San Diego Division and will feature the "Lode Stone and Iron RR" (based in the USA). It is self-standing (middle of the garage) N scale layout. Some portions were built in the 1970s, others in the 1980s, and some as late as 1996.  It depicts a real railroad bridge route which was surveyed and incorporated, but never built, connecting the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad (D&RG) with the Santa Fe along the Colorado River from Grand Junction, Colorado to his home in San Diego, California. Rodger has modeled a section from the low desert (California/Arizona border), up to the high desert (in Utah), and over the mountains into western Colorado.
  • Eazy, Peezy, Treezy (Version 1.2, Part 1) Clinic (30 minutes): The Eazy, Peezy, Treezy Clinic will be presented by Dick Roberts, Model Master Railroader, from the San Diego Division. This clinic is all about making evergreen trees using the “bottle-brush” method. You will learn how to make an assembly fixture and use some special tools to create tree forms. In addition, you will also learn painting and flocking techniques to complete a finished tree. A list of materials and tools with acquisition resources will be provided. It will be a fun clinic.

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