Welcome to the Historian's Corner

This area of the PSR Website is dedicated to historical information about PSR and its members. It is a work in progress and more information will be added.

  1. Formation of the PSR. What lead up to the split between PCR and PSR
  2. Elected Officials of the PSR
  3. Member of the Year Awards
  4. PSR Conventions. Locations, themes, and dates
  5. NMRA Achievement Program. Who has earned what

A long-term goal is to add a section with pictures of meets and tours that we have had in the past.

Another way to find selected historical information is to look at the archived copies of newsletters, both the Region and the Division newsletters. Follow these links to get to the respective sites (each link opens in a separate window):



Per Harwe
Historian PSR-NMRA

Updated 03/22/2021